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About Us


Is a Health & Wellbeing fitness lifestyle brand that aims to motivate, inspire and help our customers to reach their goals. It's All About The Journey. Our Online General Store brings you the latest trending products in Fitness progression. We are currently working together with fitness enthusiasts and designers to bring about our Apparel. Nutrition coaches to keep our customers updated with the constantly changing dietary fads and exercise moves. No matter the obstacle we persevere by Owning The Journey!

We are guided by three key principles:

  • To remain unique, innovative and ahead.
  • Ensure and maintain superior quality in our services/products.
  • To Just Keep Going, no matter the task at hand.

The Fit:

Each piece chosen goes through a selective process ensuring the highest quality. Throughout the manufacturing and designing process, each cut and angle is heavily scrutinized to maintain our high standards and ensure a comfortable and durable piece. 

Fabrics & Materials:

All fabrics and materials used are of the best and highest quality without compromise. We make sure we use the highest grade cotton possible with the tightest and soft blends possible.


We work closely with our manufacturers to ensure that the production process is undergone and completed in accordance with our high standards. We do not compromise on a single piece, thus we ensure that every piece created lives up what we stand for. Additionally, many pieces are manufactured in the United States and we have many distributors around the world to ensure the fastest and most efficient shipping times!

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